YEALINK Years Extended Return To Base (RTB) Yealink Warranty $50 value

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3 Years Extended Return To Base (RTB) Yealink Warranty $50 value for e.g $1000 value of Yealink products = 20 units of IPY-EXTWAR-YEA-3YR @ $9 each ( $180 ex ) Is this a service offered by Yealink? This is offered exclusively by LEADER Computers – It is our own self-run warranty program, insurance based & guaranteed to deliver. Do I have to deal with 3rd party insurance companies? NO. You will never deal with 3rd party warranty providers – Leader handle 100% of the end-to-end service for you! How fast will you turn-around my warranty? Within 24-48 hours of receiving & testing the RMA item. What if my product is EOL? We will replace with the nearest in-stock equivalent item to the closest current market value of your item. If the exact item is not in stock, will you give me a credit in the 2-3 year extended period? We will only be able to replace with nearest equivalent product, we can’t issue credits for items during the extended warranty period unfortunately.