UBIQUITI mFi-CS mFi Network Current Sensor (LS)

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Ubiquiti Current Sensor (mFi-CS) is a clip-on, alternating current (AC) sensor. It is designed for current monitoring of motors, lighting equipment, industrial hardware, or other AC electrical loads. • For use with Ubiquiti mFi mPort hardware and Ubiquiti mFi Controller software (included with the Ubiquiti mFi mPort). • Connection Type: mFi RJ45 • Sensors: Dual Technologies – Passive Infrared and Microwave Features • Plug and Play Installation - Use standard Ethernet cable to connect machines and sensors. Use WiFi to seamlessly connect Ubiquiti mFi nodes to your IP network. Unlimited device scalability! • Powerful Functionality - Create powerful relationships between sensors, machines, and powered devices with Ubiquiti mFi. • Cloud and Mobile Support - Access multiple Ubiquiti mFi networks from any remote location through a web browser. New mFi devices can instantly be discovered and provisioned through the cloud. • Sophisticated User Experience - From auto-detection of machines through intuitive and powerful rule creation, the Ubiquiti mFi Controller transforms a machine network into an automated symphony. Connection Type: mFi RJ45 Input Current: 0-100A