UBIQUITI In-Wall Manageable Switch/Dimmer - Black Colour US 110V (LS)

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The mFi® In-Wall Outlet and Switch/Dimmer can be managed by the mFi Controller software and configured to operate on a schedule with customizable power on/off rules. Features: Clean Industrial Design The mFi® Outlet and Switch/Dimmer can be integrated seamlessly into any building interior. The mFi® Switch/Dimmer includes a capacitive touch panel for ease of use. Convenient Remote Powering The built-in mechanical relays provide remote powering capability to control energy consumption. The mFi® Switch/Dimmer features a dimmer control to adjust the power level. Efficient Energy Monitoring Use the power metering capability to easily monitor the energy consumption of connected devices and significantly reduce energy costs. Easy Wi-Fi Access The mFi® Outlet and Switch/Dimmer readily connect to any Wi-Fi network. Advanced Management Software Make buildings smarter and more efficient using the intuitive UI and powerful features of the mFi® Controller software.