UBIQUITI 5GHz airPrism Sector, 3x Sector Antennas in One - 3 x 30°= 90° High Density Coverage - All mounting accessories and brackets included

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Ubiquiti airPrism AP-5AC-90-HD 5GHz AP-5AC-90-HD airPrism Sector, 3 x 30°= 90° High Density Ubiquiti 3x30 degree Airmax AC Sector antenna. Works with 3 Rocket 5 AC Prisim radios. 90 Degree total coverage for dense deployments. The AP-5AC-90-HD airPrism Sector has the ability to install three Rocket5ac Prism radios, the airPRISM 5 GHz 3x30° HD Sector Antenna from Ubiquiti Networks provides three separate 30° beamwidth signal transmissions. The configuration of the radios makes this HD sector antenna a perfect solution for point-to-multipoint setups and with enhanced noise isolation and beam performance users benefit from a stronger signal with enhanced data rates. This antenna also operates on the less congested 5 GHz frequency offering a more reliable connection with reduced interference.