TRUAUDIO SWIVOT 2-way outdoor speaker, 6 1/2' Injected Poly, 1' Silk Soft-Dome. Matte White finish. Sold each

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2-way outdoor surface mount speaker featuring SWIVOT technology, 6 1/2' injected poly woofer, 1' silk dome tweeter, 8Ω, matte white. Sold each. 2-way, outdoor speaker, 6.5' poly woofer, 1' silk dome tweeter, Swivot Technology w/U bracket. 5 - 120 watts, 8 ohms. White. Sold Each. 2-way weather-proof speaker ABS cabinet built to handle outdoor conditions High power 6.5' woofer for open-space listening Wedge shaped cabinet can easily be tucked away Aluminum and brass fitting to prevent rusting or corrosion Includes Swivot Technology with U bracket