TP-LINK PA9020P AV2000 2-Port Gigabit Passthrough Powerline Starter Kit

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Take Your Powerline Network to the Next Level With advanced HomePlug AV2 MIMO, the TL-PA9020p delivers high speed of up to 2000Mbps over Powerline to provide superior network performance that supports all of your online needs. With a lag-free connection, you will never miss out again. An Exclusive Fast Lane for Your Favorite Devices The TL-PA9020P creates fast, high performance wired connections that support all of your favorite devices, like 4K HDTV. Now you can plug in to enjoy an exclusive fast lane out of a crowded network without slowing down. Fluid Streaming and Gaming with 2X2 MIMO 2X2 MIMO with Beamforming Technology significantly improves speeds, especially during peak hours. More Stable Connections 2X2 MIMO is like adding extra lanes to a highway. It establishes multiple simultaneous connection for you to enjoy higher speeds and greater stability. - Enhanced Long Distance Performance - 2X2 MIMO with Beamforming Technology also offers the benefit of improved coverage throughout the home, particularly for previously hard to reach outlets. - Wiring up with Gigabit Speeds - Connect to Gigabit speeds for your smart TVs, game consoles, computers and network attached storage devices. Just use an Ethernet cable to attach your devices to the Powerline adapter to get started! Simplified Network for a Better Life Plug, Pair and Play! 1. First, connect your TL-PA9020P to the router 2. Then, plug in another one wherever you need extra coverage 3. Finally, press the “Pair' button on each adapter Congratulations! You are ready to enjoying seamless wired connections. No Power Outlet is Going to Waste The integrated power socket means that you can still get power from the outlet for your other devices. Simply plug your device into the integrated socket the same way you would with a normal wall outlet. The built-in noise filter also helps to eliminate electrical signal noise that might otherwise affect powerline transmission performance.