TP-LINK OC200 Omada Cloud Controller, Centralised Management - Up to 100 Omada APs, JetStream Switches And SafeStream Routers

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Dedicated In Network Centralized ManagementThe OC200 Omada Cloud Controller is dedicated to providing centralized management for the whole Omada network. Monitor statistics in real-time, view a graphical analysis of network traffic, create a captive portal, upgrade and reboot your system and easily scale your network to boost your business using this centralized management system.- No PC/server is needed - Reliability and secure - Cloud Access for convenience Free Cloud Management – Anywhere, AnytimeOmada offers free cloud access to its centralized management platform. Take your network with you, wherever you go.- Free cloud service with no licensing fees - Convenient management with remote access - Multi-site management for large-scale networking Industry Leading Hardware DesignEquipped with an advanced hardware design and the latest chipset, the OC200 has more than enough processing power to support the management of your entire business network.Guest Network with Facebook Wi-Fi and SMS LoginVisitors have access to secure Wi-Fi with captive portal and wireless isolation technology. The newly added SMS authentication simplifies the connection process, while Facebook authentication raises the social media profile of your business.Even More Convenient with Omada AppRemotely access and configure the OC200 from the convenience of your smartphone, wherever you are in the world.