THUNDERX3 ThunderX3 US5 Consoles Couch - Black/Cyanc(LS)

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The first ever couch designed for console gamers and streamers this couch provides the utmost comfort, is stylish and wouldn't look out of place in your living room or studio. Experience premium leatherette with carbon fiber patterns that adorn the sides, this sofa is the epitome of gaming for any man cave. Ready Player One? ALL DAY COMFORT This sofa was designed with premium leatherette and carbon fiber fabric feels. Designed for individual gaming style of play, this sofa fits one gamer. Perfect for those long gaming sessions, support your lower back and stay cool under all circumstances. Enhance your console gaming experience with the next level of comfort. PLAYER ONE DESIGN Bring the ThunderX3 sense of style into your room, man cave, or studio with this sofa. TX3 Colorlightning Module A unique, eye-catching RGB lighting module is socketed on the back of the US5 sofa, which offers seven different colors: Red, Orange, Green, Blue, Cyan, Pink, and White. Furthermore, three lighting effects: Static, Static Color Loop, and Breathing Color Loop. POWER IT The ThunderX3 lighting module uses 4 AA batteries. (48 Hours of battery life) LIGHTS UP Press and hold the center button to switch the module on or off, and cycle through the color lighting effect by clicking the button. TAKE IT OFF The magnetic base of the lighting module allows the user to remove the module from the chair and stick it onto any other magnetic surface GADGETS WITHIN REACH The US5 comes with lateral pockets on both sides of the couch for storage of phones, remote controllers, magazines, or other gadgets of similar dimensions. The lateral pockets are made of carbon fiber-like material giving it that extra oomph. BUILT TO LAST - Triple stitching on the edges of the couch for enhanced durability. - Plastic feet that provide stability and leave no trace on floors and carpets. - Solid wooden frame ensures sofa is sturdy yet light at the same time, making it easier to move around.