SOGA 50cm Rectangular Wooden Ebony Butcher Block Non-slip Chopping Food Serving Tray Charcuterie Board

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by Soga

Are you planning to buy a new serving tray? Why not choose our modern wooden-made serving tray.SOGA Wooden Tray is both attractive and functional, can be used to display foods that you chopped or act as a trivet on your table to impress your guests.

ELEGANT, NEAT, and CLASSIC: SOGA wood serving trays will ELEVATE the way you serve food and drinks to your guests and the appearance of your kitchen countertops.
SERVE FOOD IN STYLE: These wooden trays can be used in different forms, ELEGANT addition to the table setting, coffee table styling, organizing personal items, and you can style them in countless ways.
STUNNING: This kitchen centerpiece feature is durable enough to withstand frequent chopping and cutting without sustaining marks or damaging your knives.
QUALITY MATERIAL: Made from sustainable wood material, ECO-FRIENDLY, and made to last.
QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: 100% SAFE and made with NO glue, PVC, or toxic finishes.
EASY CLEAN: A quick wash in warm water and dish soap is the best way to clean wooden trays. Allow to air dry or towel dry.
PERFECT GIFT: Treat yourself or a loved one with this useful tray to be enjoyed for many years to come.
Note: Hand washes only and store your wood trays in a cool and dark place in a pantry to ensure longevity.

Material: Ebony Wood, Metal
Color: Mahogany
Product size: 50cmx35cmx3cm
Weight: Approx 4.2kg
Packing size: 51.5cmx36cmx3.7cm


Package Includes:
1X SOGA 50cm Rectangular Wooden Chopping Board