SOGA 4X 14L Stainless Steel Insulated Milk Tea Barrel Hot and Cold Beverage Dispenser Container with Faucet Red

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by Soga

From fresh-brewed iced tea to piping hot coffee, SOGA insulated beverage dispenser server is a great way to maximize your self-serve beverage station.
The brushed stainless steel exterior minimizes fingerprints and smudges to keep a clean, professional look, while the foam insulation keeps beverages hot or cold for hours.
The beverage server also features a drop handle, legs to elevate spigot height, and a locking lever for quick, hands-free dispensing.
The large capacity of this insulated dispenser can provide hot or color drinks for many people at one time to avoid frequent filling. You can add hot drinks such as coffee, tea, water, milk, soup, etc.,
A wide range of usages such as at home, cafes, buffets, offices, hotels, kindergartens, outdoor, tea houses, camping, gardens, wedding banquets, construction sites, or various large events or celebrations.
Factors that will affect the changing of holding time is using it in a different environment, especially when in climate conditions (ambient temperature whether it's filled, or preheating, etc.)
The insulated temperature for 12 hours is 93C which will slowly decrease to 35C, especially in high-temperature degrees that only last for a few hours. Using indoors is highly recommended. The insulator cannot keep the liquid at a stable temperature. Its role is only to slow down the rate of temperature drop. This product isn't ideal to be used outdoor as it doesn't sustain the high temperature.
Precautions for product use:
The product cannot be filled with too much water.
Do not tilt and place it upside down.
Do not soak the whole product in water for cleaning which will cause water absorption in the insulation layer.
Can only be rinsed with running water or wiped with a cloth. Keep it dry after each use
After the product has been filled with tea, coffee, and other beverages, please clean it in time and wipe off the water, so that beverage residue will not corrode the product.
All insulated pots are not allowed to be heated on Fire.
Due to the different use environments, the holding time will be changing.

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Red
Capacity: 14 liter
Weight: 3.15kg
Size: 31 x 31 x 44cm


Package Includes:
4 X SOGA 14L Stainless Steel Milk Tea Beverage Barrel