SOGA 2X Enamel Porcelain 26cm Cast Iron Frying Pan Skillet Non-stick Coating Steak Sizzle Platter

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by Soga

Provides all the flavor of an outdoor grill, with all the convenience of indoor cooking
This grill pan is constructed of thick cast iron to maintain its temperature during cooking, making it ideal for grilling anytime.
Enameled cast iron cookware is valued for its versatility on all cooking surfaces (flame, oven, induction, electric, etc.), it's even heating properties and exceptional browning capability as well as the ease with which it can be cleaned.
Easy to use
Easy to carry

Available colors: red
Dimensions: 26cm*10cm
Material: cast iron
Weight: 2kg

Commercial kitchen
Home cooking

Package Includes:
2x SOGA Cast iron griddle pan