SOGA 2 in 1 Electric BBQ Grill Teppanyaki and Steamboat Hotpot Asian Hot Pot

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by Soga

The latest trend from Asia - a combination of BBQ and hot pot! SOGA BBQ is the new lifestyle BBQ trend for extremely delicious, impressive and healthy food. SOGA expands the range of the traditional tabletop grill, such as raclette or hot stones, by adding a soup area for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, pasta or mushrooms. The grill is extremely easy to use.The SOGA hotpot and grill is unique in Australia! Surprise your family and friends with something new! Perfect for both outdoor & indoor use! SOGA BBQ brings out the best of your ingredients. Whether it's meat, fish, vegetarian or even vegan.

An integrated switch that controls the flow of electricity to the hotpot with a fast-heating smokeless non-stick cooking surface.
24*28cm Hot Pot and 34*26cm Grill surface
Suitable for 4 to 8 people
Fast heating smokeless non-stick cooking surface
Easy to clean and use
Two power connectors - Hotpot or BBQ can be used at the same time or individually

How to clean a non-stick grill:

Once you've finished cooking, make sure to unplug the grill and spray a tiny amount of water while the surface is still warm. Once the surface has completely cooled, simply wipe the grill surface with some damp paper towels, sponge or cloth.
You can immerse the grill surface in water but make sure not to splash any water into the power socket for safety purposes.
Do not use abrasive cleaners, scouring pads or caustic cleaners as they may damage the non-stick surface.

Brand: SOGA
Certification Number: GMA-506134-EA
Model Number: STMB-806764
Power: 2900W
Voltage: AC220-240V, 50/60Hz
Hot Pot: 24cm x 28cm x 7cm
Grill Plate: 34cm x 26cm x 1.5cm

Home Cooking

Package Includes:
1 x SOGA Electric Grill and Hot Pot