SOGA 14-inch Round Aluminum Steel Pizza Tray Home Oven Baking Plate Pan

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by Soga
SKU: S6-PIZZA11609

SOGA Round Aluminum Steel Pizza tray is made of commercial-grade aluminum
Prepare, bake, slice, and serve pizza, all on the same pan!
A choice for professional bakers & artisans for its lightweight, durability for years, and corrosion-resistance
Great heat transfer, achieving more even baking in the oven.
Gently rolled edges allow toppings to completely cover the crust without spilling over. Great for people who don't like crust, or want a little more.
Smooth finish for easy baking, serving and cleaning
Easy to clean, dishwasher-safe
Available in 8 sizes, from 8-15 inch
Perfect for every commercial or home kitchen

Material: Aluminum Steel
Size: 14-inch
Color: Silver
Packaging Size: 37CM X 37CM X 3CM

Home Kitchen

Package Includes:
1 X SOGA Aluminum Steel Pizza Tray