Shinco ST-260WF Smart Toilet Bidet

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SKU: V266-ST-260WF

Enjoy a luxurious, refreshing clean with every restroom visit thanks to this bidet toilet seat that features a soothing heated seat, self-cleaning nozzle and warm front and rear washing cycles to give you a hands-free, hygienic clean.

An efficient toilet seat is essential to personal health and daily convenience.
Our toilet seat is comfortable to sit on, featuring instant heated and bidet functions with different water pressure, water temperature control, as well as dry function.
Smart : Leakage Protection, Seat Sensor, Toilet Seat Soft Close, Antibacterial Seat, 2.4G Wireless Remote Control
Comfortable: Child Wash, One Solution, Deodoriser, Power Saving,Seat Temp Adjustment, Night Light, Water air temp Adjustment
Type : Toilet Bidet Seat Cover
Instant ceramic water heater inhibits bacteria growth
Heated anti-bacterial seat
Slow-closing lid
Front and back clean with feminine care and child mode
Adjustable water temperature
Adjustable air dryer temperature
Australia Water Mark
Self-cleaning nozzles
Easy to Install and Use
Ideal for Children, Disabled, Old People and Hemorrhoids
Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year

Package Includes:
1 x Smart Toilet Seat with Plug
1 X Remote Control
1 x Bidet accessories (Package)
1 X water supply Pipe
2 X AAA Battery (for Remote)
1 X Manual

Please note: This bidet must be installed by a licensed plumber only. This ensures installation complies with Australian standards and water supply connections are installed to avoid cross-contamination.