SENNHEISER Premium Binaural headset, ultra noise cancelling mic, Wideband, very strong and comfortable, leatherette pads, gorgeous design. ED connect,

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Stunning looks. Stunning sound. Experience Sennheiser With a comfortable fit that lasts all day and a solid sense of quality, SC 600 is built to sound superb, look stunning and outlast the competition - in even the toughest contact center or office environment. ItÔÇÖs a headset that says you put your people and customers first. Experience Sennheiser State of the art materials Extra long durability SC 600 is crafted with high-end materials to SennheiserÔÇÖs high standards to ensure maximum durability and design quality. Stainless steel hinges, brushed aluminum parts and VectranÔäó reinforced cables are just parts of our armory when it comes to defending your headset against everyday use. Extra long durability Adjustable and lightweight for all-day use. Wearing comfort SC 600 is designed for long-hours use throughout a working day ÔÇô and that means everything focuses on wearing comfort: from the large leatherette ear-pads to the unibody headband construction for maximum strength at stress points to ensure a truly comfortable communications experience. Wearing comfort Flexibility Easy disconnect SennheiserÔÇÖs Easy Disconnect plugs are ideal for contact centers and hot desking offices, where users frequently change shifts or switch between workstations. With their simple, quick release mechanism, durable Easy Disconnect plugs are designed to withstand the repetitive plugging and unplugging of shift changes. Easy disconnect Improved customer contact and productivity Transcom experienced Sennheiser ÔÇ£Customer contact has definitely improved,' explains team leader Kor Boelsma. ÔÇ£The fact that you can understand the customer perfectly, makes the conversation a lot more natural. Previously, you were more concerned with trying to understand what the customer was saying but this is no longer necessary. You can be engaged in the conversation and busy with the system at the same time, enabling you to help the customer all in one go.'