SENNHEISER EHS adapter cable for NEC DT3xx and DT4xx and NEC IP Phones DT7xx and DT8xx* (i-SIP / N-SIP) *DT820 not included '

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Overview The CEHS-NEC 02 cable is ideal for all users of professional headsets, in combination with NEC Digital phones, DT3xx/4xx/7xx/830, where a headset port is available, in n-SIP/i-SIP mode only. This cable is an enhancement for any contact center or corporate office environment. It has been specially designed to make calls convenient to manage – thanks to easy set-up, single- button operation as well as efficient and flexible answering/ending of calls. The CEHS-NEC 02 is compatible with the wireless office headsets series SDW 5000, DW Series and D 10 Series. Features Remotely answer your phone calls. Handle all calls by the press of a single button, i.e. end the call. Get notified from the distance about incoming calls by the ring tone in the headset. Efficient and flexible call handling i.e. take or end the call. Call control towards the phone without using a mechanical handset lifter. Enables call freedom and enhances usability. Easy setup.