RBG Lightning Mode Extra Large Gaming Mousepad

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RGB light mouse pad with 14 lighting modes \n \nRGB light is controlled by a switch,press 1s to turn on the light,press 3s to turn off the light. \nDouble-click SWITCH button to change RGB light brightness,support two brightness adjustment. \n \nPress SWITCH button to change 14 models RGB light as below: \n1. Red \n2. Blue \n3. Green \n4. Purple \n5. Cyan \n6. Yellow \n7. White \n8. Alternating wave \n9. Synchronizing wave \n10. Alternating flash \n11. Alternating red changing flash \n12. Light off \n13. Synchronize breathing \n14. Alternate breathing \n \nThe pad will memorize the brightness and mode of RGB light for your next time use. \n \n*With detachable USB cable \n*Cable length:1.8M(+/-5cm) \n*Voltage:5V,150mA \n*Interface:USB 2.0