Pulley System Cable Attachment Pull Down Machine DIY Home Gym Workout Kit

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If you love to work out, this home gym and weight training set by Randy & Travis Machinery is a must-have. Use the power of gravity to work against your body to build strength in your shoulders, back, biceps, and triceps. Simply change the connection between the buckle and cable, and you can switch between pulling and pushing – giving you an even more balanced workout. There's no limit to all the exercises you can invent to give yourself a complete workout. Let your imagination be your guide as you create a custom routine for your needs.

Thanks to the cable gravity ball, the cable maintains stability throughout your workout, with no shaking. The strong alloy buckle won't break or come loose, no matter how hard you work out. And, you can take it along with you when you travel so that you can keep up your workout schedule even on holiday or business trips. It takes up little space, so it's perfect even if you live in a flat or smaller house. And with the holidays coming up, this set makes the ideal gift for the fitness lover in your life. Get your fitness regimen started before the New Year begins. Order your weight training set today!


Material: Heavy-duty steel and high-strength plastic cable sheathing
Colour: Black and silver
Maximum load: 136kg
Silent operation
Portable and easy to carry
Lift pulley system for a small footprint
Saves space
2 exercise modes: pulling and pushing
Removable handle allows you to change accessories quickly
Strong and durable
Compatible with weight plates with centre holes <7.366cm
Perfect for cross-training or fitness
Trains your back, shoulders, back, triceps, and biceps
Accommodates a broad range of exercises

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1x Pulley System Cable Attachment Pull Down Machine DIY Home Gym Workout Kit