POWERSHIELD PSZ8U2 ZapGuard 8 Way Power Surge Filter Board, USB A / C Connectors, Wide Spaced Sockets, Wall Mountable,$60,000 Connected Equipment

$74.99 Regular price $87.99

The brand new ZapGuard?« PSZ8U2 Surge Board will protect your home and office electronics from dangerous surges and spikes and is ideal for charging mobiles, laptops and other small USB powered devices. It is highly rated to withstand power surges and spikes of up to 2,100 Joules / 60,000 Amps. ÔÇó High surge protection ÔÇó Recessed On/Off Switch ÔÇó Wide spaced socket to allow for plug packs ÔÇó 10A Circuit Breaker ÔÇó 2 x USB Sockets ÔÇó 8 x Surge-protected sockets supply complete, 3 line AC protection ÔÇó $60,000 Connected Equipment Warranty ÔÇô terms and conditions apply. ÔÇó Impact and scratch resistant Polycarbonate case ÔÇó Heavy-duty 1.2-meter power cord ÔÇó Wall mountable ÔÇó LED indicator shows that your wiring is properly earthed and protection is active and available