POWERSHIELD Defender Rackmount 800VA / 480W UPS ,Line Interative Simulated Sine Wave Perfect for Shallow Racks, Compact Model

$464.99 Regular price $548.99
The Defender Rackmount expands the successful Defender Range by building the popular features into a Rack Mount UPS. At 230mm deep, this is the perfect UPS for shallow, wall mounted Comms cabinets. This versatile UPS uses Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) to minimise the effects of fluctuations in input voltage, protecting your valuable equipment from power line disturbances whilst also incorporating the best surge protection in its class.
Compact Footprint User Replaceable Batteries Silent Operation - No Fans Compatible with all wall mounted racks Extra IEC and Australian Outlets All Metal Enclosure Unpackaged: 438L mm x 230W mm x 86H mm