POWERSHIELD DC Mini, (12,15,19,24Vdc / 36W - Output follows input voltage).Automatically detects and selects correct voltage form 15 to 24V

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The newly designed PowerShield DC Mini-UPS is designed to provide emergency power backup to all kinds of DC powered equipment including routers, modems (including fibre optic ONT), VOIP phone systems, surveillance equipment, alarm systems and many critical telecommunications devices. The DC Mini-UPS can economically provide hours of operation during power failure. (12,15,19,24Vdc / 36W - Output follows input voltage). Automatically detects and selects correct voltage form 15 to 24V This is a DC - DC product meaning that it goes between the power pack in the wall to the modem. The other one plugged directly into the wall. It has 2 x Lithium batteries, essentially doubling the backup time It is 12 - 24 Volts DC and will match the voltage entering the UPS to the power exiting the UPS The maximum power (3 amps - 36 watts) is double the power of the existing model (1.5 amps - 18 watts) Once again, it will match the power going into the device. Intelligent Auto-select voltage Digital with Microprocessor control LED Indicator Additional terminal output for DC connection Comes with 6 multi-size connectors to fit any DC device