Portable Electric Breast Pump Wearable USB Silent Hands-Free Automatic Milker

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- Safe Material: Made from food grade silicone and PP material. BPA-free, non-toxic and odorless. fits human skin, has good air tightness.
- 2 modes of use (Massage & Breast Pumping): Help postpartum mother or new moms keeping away from block breastmilk, little breastmilk, busyness troubles.
- Massage Mode (1-5 stalls): Massage before suction to dredge the breast, 9 short suction & release, 1 long suction & release. Multi-frequency vibration massage Help mothers resolve milk swelling and daily massage, soften nipples, and dredge breasts.
- Breast Pumping Mode (1-5 stalls): Uniform deep suction & release. Gentle and fast frequency vibration, stimulating breast secretion, Improve breast pumping efficiency.
Large Capacity: Hold up to 180ml milk.
- Professional Reflux Protection System: Keeps breast milk clean.
Low Noise: Silent design, the sound is less than 55 DB when used, and will not disturb the sleeping baby.
- USB Powered: A full charge can be used 3-5 times and the automatic shutdown function every 20 minutes.
- Easy to assemble and disassemble: Convenient to clean.
- Perfect for postpartum mother or new moms.

Type: Electric Breast Pump
Color: White
Material: ABS, PP, and silica gel
Size: As shown
Flanges: 24mm
Milk Collector Diameter: 111mm
Milk Collector Capacity: 180ml
Mode: Massage/ Breast Pumping
Battery: 1000mAh
Power Supply: USB
Input Voltage: 5V/1A
Weight: 0.45kg

1 x Pump Motor
1 x Silicone Shield
1 x Linker
1 x Silicone Diaphragm
1 x Milk Collector
2 x Silicone Value
2 x Bra Adjustment Buckle
1 x USB Cable