LOGITECH MK315 Quiet & durable Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Media Key Long Battery Life Comfortable

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Logitech MK315 Quiet& durable Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Combo Media Key Long Battery Life Comfortable Key Features -QUIET KEYBOARD AND MOUSE Work or play without disturbing those around you, with quieter cushioned keyboard typing and near-noiseless mouse clicking and scrolling. -COMFORTABLE TYPING AND CLICKING Work comfortably for hours with a familiar full-size keyboard layout, adjustable typing angles (2° and 8°), and a contoured mouse that fits your hand. -DURABLE COMBO Low lifetime cost thanks to durable construction, 5-million-click keyboard switch life, spill-resistant design, and extra-long battery life -RELIABLE WIRELESS CONNECTION Simple, strong and reliable wireless connection up to 10m away, thanks to a tiny plug-and-forget USB receiver. Dimensions -Keyboard Height x Width x Depth:20.5 mm x 435.5 mm x 137.5 mm Weight (with batteries): 475 g -Mouse Height x Width x Depth: 105.4 mm x 67.9 mm x 38.4 mm Weight (with battery): 91 g -Nano receiver Height x Width x Depth: 18.7 mm x 14.4 mm x 6.6 mm Weight: 2 g System Requirements Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later USB Port Technical Specifications Connection Type: Logitech non-unifying protocol (2.4 GHz) with Nano USB receiver Wireless Range: 10 meters Keyboard Spill Resistant Design Low-profile keys Adjustable keyboard height (2° and 8°) Battery: 2 x AAA Battery Life (not rechargeable): 36 months Special Keys: 15 function keys accessible through 'fn' key Mouse Reduced Click noise On/ Off power button High PRecision Optical Tracking Battery: 1 x AA Battery Life (not rechargeable): 24 Months