INTEX Inflatable Candy Zone Play Centre Pool AU 57149EP

SKU: V255-57149EP

Bring all the fun of the swimming pool to your backyard this summer with the Candy Zone Play Centre Pool  from Intex.
Let your kids have a blast every day. This pool is fun, cute and sturdy.
The plastic/vinyl tubing that the play center is made from has plenty of room for more than one kid. Set up quickly with the air pump, the water spray feature is really cool and all you do is hook up a hose to the unit and let the fun commence. It deflates fairly easily if two people work to "squeeze" the air in the directions of the release valves.

Buy this Inflatable play center and your kids will love this thing, play in it for hours and will have such a good time in this "Water Wonderland".
The center includes a waterslide, two inflatable lollipops, rails for balls rolling down and six balls. Also the water sprayer easily attaches to a garden hose to keep your kids cool during the summer months.

Keeping kids healthy and makes them active outside is a win and worth the investment
Multiple activities, good size for toddlers and last long
pool has two different depths: one that is deeper, and one that is more shallow
Spray feature is a fun addition to make things a bit more interesting.
Easy enough to inflate with a small air pump.
You can use it as ball pit indoors in colder times

Brand: INTEX
Model Number: 57149EP
Material: Vinyl
Recommended Capacity: 1 - 4 Children
Maximum weight limit: 80kg
Inflated Size: 2.95m×1.91m×1.3m Weight: 7.1kg
Color: Multi-color
Water Capacity: 206 L
Color Box dimension: 48cm×40cm×15cm
Shipping weight: 7.2Kg
Suitable for ages: 2 years and up
Battery: no battery used
Assembly Details: no assembly required
Drain plugs in main floor and wading pool allow for quick set up and take down.

1x Pool
2 x lollipops with water sprayers
2 x ball rails
6 x balls
1 x Repair Kit

Children have drowned in portable swimming pools.
Ensure active adult supervision at all times.
Do not leave children unsupervised in or around the pool - keep them within arms'reach.
Empty and store safely after use.