Get Yourself a Cedrix! | Fast USB Wireless Mobile Phone Charging Pad

$140.90 Regular price $166.35
Change the way you charge your mobile phone. A convenient and lightweight charging option that suits all QI-enabled devices and is designed with a sleek modern style which prevents your phone from sliding. Ideal for a busy lifestyle, just rest your phone on the charging pad and pick it up on your way out.
  • USB convenient fast charging with lightweight wireless pad that stays in place with its anti-slip rubber pads.
  • QI standard wireless charger suits all QI-enabled devices and boasts 10W, 7.5W and 5W power output.
  • When charging, USB is connected to the power supply the blue LED light flashes for about 5 seconds to indicate charging.
  • Sleek modern style, the wireless USB charger is ideal for any room including kitchen, office, living / lounge room, the bedside and with your PC or laptop
  • The Cedrix wireless charger is compatible with most phone cases (less than 4mm) and can be taken with you for use at work, school, travelling or socially as part of your busy life.