GENERIC 4-Way Power Board (421SW) with Individual Switches and Surge Protection

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`- 4-Way Power Board with 4 x Standard 10A, 240V Power Outlets - Includes Surge Protection, Individual Switches, Overload Protection, Reset Button & Indicator Light - Also features 2 Extra Spaced Sockets Features: ÔÇó4 Outlets with Individually Switch ÔÇóSurge Protection ÔÇóOverload Protected´?îReset button ÔÇó2 Extra Spaced Sockets ÔÇóIndicator Light ÔÇó100CM Lead ÔÇóClamshell Packing, 6/24 ÔÇóBarcode: 9324747004895 Product information: ÔÇóVoltage Rating´?Ü240VAC 50Hz ÔÇóCurrent´?Ü10 Amps ÔÇóPower Rating´?Ü2400 Watt ÔÇóSurge Protection´?Ü175J