Eyefamily Bathroom Set - Galactic Grey

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We wanted our little ones to practice good hygiene habits, so we decided to make hygiene fun and more accessible. With the Prince Lionheart eye FAMILY™, now they actually want to brush their teeth and wash their hands without us having to ask a million times. Sanity restored and hygiene intact. Bathroom set contains: Faucet Extender, Cup, Timer, Toothbrush, and Toothpaste Holder.

Our faucetEXTENDERs bring the water to where kids can reach
Children can place their toothbrushes and paste in the wide open mouth of this
wacky and off-the-wall character
Super suction base sticks to most surfaces
Timer will help kids know how long they need to brush their teeth
Dishwasher safe for a super sanitary clean

Suitability: 18 Months +
Weight: 0.55 kg
Product L: 262 x W: 90 x H: 190mm

Package Content:
1 x Eyefamily Bathroom Set - Galactic Grey

Note: Change of Mind return clause do NOT apply to this product due to baby & mother Health and Safety issue.