EDIMAX Indoor 9dBi Omni-Directional Desktop Antenna (SMA)

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The Edimax EA-IO9D is a high performance 9dBi omni-directional antenna, designed to improve the wireless network signal and coverage in your home and office.Wireless signal and distance improvement When connected to a wireless access point or router, the EA-IO9D increases the wireless coverage area. The antenna also improves the transmission range when the antenna is connected to a wireless adaptor.9dBi high gain performance antenna The antenna is capable of rotating 360º.Universal RP-SMA connector for flexible connections The antenna is not only compatible with Edimax devices, but also with most wireless devices equipped with a RP-SMA interface.Signal transmission in all directions The antenna is omni-directional so it transmits and receives signals from all directions. It is the best solution for radial coverage.No software or driver needed All you have to do is to unscrew the original antenna from your device and replace it with the EA-IO9D. The antenna starts to work as soon as it is put into position.