DRAYTEK Web Content Filter Package 1 Year For Vigor2820 / IPPBX2820 / BX 2000 / 2830 / 2832 / 2850 / 2860 / 2920 / 2925 / 3200 / 3220 Series

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One (1) year WCF for Vigor2820 / IPPBX2820 / BX 2000 / 2830 / 2832 / 2850 / 2860 / 2920 / 2925 / 3200 / 3220 series 1yr wty Free 30 Day trial – Included in the router before purchasing licence. Built-in Globalview URLF engine – Operates as part of the router firmware and cannot be disabled without administrative access to the router. Total of 64 categories classified into the following groups: Child Protection, Leisure, Business, Chatting, Computer-Internet and Other. All web requests through IP addresses and DNS are examined so they cannot be bypassed. If enabled the DrayTek router can block browsing by IP address altogether. Real-time updates – GlobalView URLF uses a dynamically built database with real-time connectivity to a scalable cloud-based repository, providing auto-updated classifications. High accuracy on classification algorithms for the database. Multiple classifications – Web sites with multiple categories can be correctly identified. Classification by page- Globalview will parse the whole URL to categorize different sections within a website. Embedded links checking– Prevents bypassing web controls by using parsing or translating websites. Mechanism for Commtouch GlobalView URL Filtering (URLF) The DrayTek router receives a http request from a user. The router queries the GlobalView server to check the URL classification. The GlobalView URL engine built into the router checks its local cache for URL values; typically more than 99% of queries are locally resolved by the cache. If necessary, the GlobalView URLF engine queries the Commtouch Detection and Classification Centre for relevant updates. The router blocks, allows or strips content according to the class classification it receives from the GlobalView URLF engine and the configuration of the WCF.