DEEPCOOL RGB 350 Colour LED Strip Lighting Kit (Magnetic) With Remote

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Deepcool RGB 350 Colour LED Strip Lighting Kit (Magnetic) With Remote Magnet-mounting for iron-based surfaces. Long life (100,000 hours) ultra-bright LED with 3 primary colors. Lighting modes: adjustable color, flash-rates, and breathing effects. Can be conveniently adjusted using a remote control. Multiple, high-quality colorLED with 3 primary colors (RGB) Provides pure, soft, uniform, and glare-free light at high brightness. Application For All type of cases. Technical Spec Length of LED strips 500mm* 2pcs (with 200mm cable) Length of Extension cable 500mm Dimension of LED part only Length*width*thickness:300*10*3mm Number of LED Lights 18pcs Weight 110g (with color box: 186g) Rated Power Red:120mW; Green: 90mW; Blue: 90mW Rated Current Red:20mA; Green: 20mA; Blue: 20mA Peak Current Red:200mA; Green: 100mA; Blue: 100mA Rated Voltage DC 12±5% V Working Temperature -25→ +60℃ Storage Temperature -35 → +80℃ Working Environment Indoor use only Color box dimension 166*30*275mm Master carton dimension 485*364*354mm