CORSAIR Padlock 3 64GB Secure USB 3.0 Flash Drive with Keypad - Secure 256-bit Hardware AES Encryption

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Corsair Flash Padlock® 3 16GB USB3.0 Flash Drive 256-bit hardware encryption and a durable rubber housing for secure transport of confidential information Corsair Flash Padlock 3 is designed for confidential and sensitive information. Your files are protected from snooping with 256-bit AES hardware encryption, and the durable rubber housing helps protect them from the elements, too. An easy-to-use, integrated PIN pad means no software is needed, so Padlock works equally well with Microsoft Windows, Mac OSX, and even Linux-based systems. Features · Secure 256-bit hardware AES encryption · User customizable 4-10 digit personal identification number to lock and unlock · Built-in hacking detection locks device for 2 minutes after 5 failed attempts · Durable rubber, shock-proof housing Spec: