Canare Star Quad L-4E6S 100M

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Available by the metre and in continuous 50, 100, 200 and 500 metre rolls, highest signal isolation microphone cable that cancels electromagnetically induced noise from dimmers etc. Unbelievable flexibility and durability. Special no-glare cable jacket. Flexible, smooth to the touch, extra-strong standard diameter (21 AWG) STAR QUAD cable that fits perfectly in all XLR-type connectors. With 40 separate strands in each conductor, breakage due to flexing is all but eliminated. Colour black.

●  Microphones.
●  Portable Applications. 
●  Audio Rack Wiring. 
●  PA Systems. 
●  Audio Patch Cords. 
●  Braided Copper Shield. 
●  Flexible in Extreme Cold Weather. 
●  Cross Linked PE Insulation. 
●  Reduced Handling Noise. 
●  Rejects EMI and RFI.
●  10 Matte Color Jacket Selections.