CABAC 3m USB 3.0 AM-BM Gold/P Blue Cable

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Compatibility: USB3.0 cables are suitable for use with devices equipped with USB3.0 ports such as video devices, camcorders and hard drives which require faster data transfer. USB3.0 is backward compatible with USB2.0, so it can also be used with existing USB devices Higher speed: SuperSpeed transfer rates up to 5.0 Gbps about 10x the performance of USB2.0 Duplex transfer: Full-duplex data transfers over two differential pairs; to read and write data at the same time Cable shielding: High-quality shielded twisted pair (STP) helps to prevent electro-magnetic interference Type variations: Type A and type B in various male and female combinations, 1m to 3m Gold contact plating thickness: 3Á Bus power: Increased maximum bus power and increased device current draw to better accommodate power-hungry devices