ATEN Video Splitter 4 Port VGA Splitter 450Mhz, 2048x1536, Cascadable to 3 levels (Up to 64 Outputs)

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The VS134A Video Splitter is a boosting device that duplicates a video signal from one source to 4 output devices. Cascadable to three levels, the VS134A provides up to 64 video signals, in addition to extending transmission distance up to 30 m, making it excellent for public broadcast systems. To transmit multiple, high-quality VGA, XGA, SVGA, UXGA, QXGA, WUXGA and multisync video signals over long distance without hassle, the VS134A is your best choice. Applications include: • Financial - the remote display of stock market information • Education - the remote display of lectures and lessons to halls and classrooms • Business - the remote display of addresses to overflow rooms; video conferencing; and demos One video input to 4 video outputs Supports up to 450 MHz bandwidth Cascadable to 3 levels - provides up to 64 video signals Long distance transmission - up to 30m * Superior video quality - up to 2048 x 1536 Supports VGA, XGA, SVGA, UXGA, QXGA, WUXGA and multisync monitors Built-in 1.5 GHz amplifier to ensure video system maintain excellent fidelity All-metal casing * Video content sent over very long distance using a VGA cable might result in slight degradation of the video signal and quality.