ATEN Video Extender DVI via Cat 5, Up to 1080P@15m & 1080i@20m, Non-Powered, Supports Hot-Plugging,

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The VE066 Mini Cat 5 DVI Extender allows you to increase the distance between your DVI display and DVI source by up to 20 m using only one Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, providing a convenient way to replace heavy and expensive DVI cables. With hot-plugging support, easily add or remove the VE066 Transmitter connected to the source or the VE066 Receiver connected to the display without having to power down the devices. Compatible with all ATEN DVI switches and DVI splitters, the VE066 Mini Cat 5 DVI Extender is a compact, convenient and economical way to extend your DVI display. Extends the distance between DVI source and DVI display Uses Cat 5e cable to connect the Transmitter and Receiver units Long distance transmission - up to 20 m* HDCP 1.1 Compliant Supports hot-plugging Superior video quality - up to 1920 x 1200 Compact housing Compatible with all ATEN DVI switches and DVI splitters Supports LCD Screen, Plasma TV, and projectors Perfect for Home entertainment system, Bank, Surveillance system, Outdoors multimedia display, Airport, Finance institution Smart Video Display - Image quality is optimized based on the available resolution of the output device Non-Powered