8WARE Cat6A Underground/External Shield Cable Roll 350m Blue Bare Copper Twisted Core PVC Jacket

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by 8WARE

CAT6A cables support networking at gigabit speeds and are backwards compatible with CAT5E cables. Colour coded blue for immediate and easy identification. Item A Conductor Construction(mm) 1/0.508±0.005 Material Bare Copper Cabling OD (mm) 0.508 Insulation Material HDPE OD(mm) 0.90±0.05 Avg. Thickness (mm) 0.18 Color 1、2、3、4 Cores Twisted Yes Drain Construction(mm) ----- Material ----- Al Constructive Side ----- Overlap Rate ----- Mylar Overlap Rate ----- Assemble Cabling OD (mm) 5.00 (Ref.) + Filler Mylar Overlap Rate ----- Al Constructive Side ----- Drain Construction(mm) ----- Material ----- Braid Construction(mm) ----- Material ----- Coverage ----- Jacket Material PVC (Bright) OD(mm) 6.20±0.20 Avg. Thickness (mm) 0.6 Color BLUE (PVC001-6027)PT287C Jet Print Color BLACK Electrical Characters: 1. Voltage Rating: 30V Temperature Rating: 60℃ 2. Dielectric Strength: AC-500V/MIN 3. Insulation resistance: 100M (OHMS * KM MIN at 20℃) Physical Characters: Test Object Jacket