4 Packs - Moofer Premium Pallet Stretch Wrap 500mm x 300m x 25um Clear

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SKU: V289-002

Are you moving furniture and need to wrap up to protect the furniture?
Are you moving a pallet and need to secure the pallet by wrapping it up?
Are you sending a parcel and need to secure the parcel?
If you answer yes, that means the items are valuable to you and you need to protect it and you want to do it easily as well because some wrapper is so thin that you need to wrap it up so many time until you are DIZZY

Here are the reasons to use our wrappers:
it is 25micron thick thus you can stretch it so tight and turn when wrapping it and you can do less layers because it is thick.
It comes with premium hand roller attachment for easier wrapping process and protect your hand
Best price from Aussie supplier
Available in Clear and Black (for privacy)

Width: 500mm
Length of Roll: 300 metres
Thickess: 25 micron