36cm Stainless Steel Twin Mandarin Duck Hot Pot Induction Cookware With Lid

SKU: KT0199-1

High quality stainless steel, thermal speed. Hollow handle, heat conduction was less, when used the temperature will not too high.


  • Clapboard solder joint's spacing was very uniform, with bottom pot is very fit.
  • High encryption spot welding procedure, not easy to leak.
  • S-type separator, innovative style, beautiful shape .
  • Dual Sided for putting two different flavors.
  • Pot bottom smooth and shining, and spot welding marks clearly visible.
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Application: induction cooker, gas furnace, electric furnace, ceramic hob
  • Number of recommendations: 3-4people
  • Material: s.s.+glass
  • 1x Hot Pot (with the matching lid)