300mm Impulse Heat Sealer Sealing SAA Machine Electric Plastic Poly Bag

SKU: V201-FDZ0812DB8AU

High-quality silicone strip, heating strip, heat-resisting cloth, safety to use
Metal handle, the bottom has a heat dissipation design, very durable
metal shell, No deformation in a long - term use.
High-quality silicone strip ensures smooth sealing
Keep the food fresh and nutritional, extend the preserving period
Anti-Bacteria, to ensure food safety
Moisture-proof, reduces oxidation and prevents dampness

Product name: Impulse Sealer
Material: Metal & ABS
Plug: AU
Sealing Length: 300mm
Power: 400W
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Size: Approx: L400xW80xH85mm/L15.7Wx3.15xH3.35in
Weight Approx: 1670g
Application: PP/PE bags
Max Sealing Length: 300mm
Max Sealing Thickness: 0.4mm
Max Sealing Width: 3mm
Sealing Time: 0.2~1.5s
Sealing Speed: 20~30bag/min

Package List:
1 x Sealer
4 x Spare Heating Element
4 x Teflon Cloth

A heating strip and high-temperature cloth are necessary for sealing the machine. The product may be aged after a long-time of use. Please make a periodic inspection and see replace it with the spare heating strip in time if it`s broken.

Steps For Using:
1. Connect the power cord to the power supply.
2. Adjust the heating level according to the material and thickness of the bags to be sealed.
3. Place the bags on the sealing strip area.
4. Press the handle, the circuit automatically controls the heating time.
5. The indicator goes off and the power is automatically disconnected.
6. After about 1-2 seconds, release the handle, sealing is complete.