2X Blockout Curtains Curtain Living Room Window Grey 140CM x 230CM

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SKU: BC1012-140x230-GY

Fashion a cool and relaxing surrounding with our elegantly crafted Room Darkening Curtain. It effectively filters out excess sunlight and outside noise from entering your premise. Exquisitely designed to make your home a place to calm your senses and to help you achieve inner peace. Thick layers efficiently block out noise filling your room with impeccable silence. Simply roll the curtains, empty your mind, and feel the stress leave your body slowly and gradually. Crafted with royal textures to enhance your home interior. So classy and sleek with its beautiful vibrant colour. A lovely fit for a lovely home.

To perform for countless hours and days we have manufactured our product with extra durable polyester. Filters out those annoying UV rays the surface is coated with a textured 60% shading effect, which means it shadows the area intended to cover with minimal light passing through. Special non-chemical shading is coated on its surface, cause no skin irritation supports a healthy environment. Featuring thick composite layers namely top fabric layer, high-density black yarn, and bottom fabric layer, simply durable simply tough. It can form a perfect drape to emphasize its elegance and uniqueness, fills your interior with royalty it deserves. Very easy to maintain, wrinkles can be easily ironed out. Easily machine washable and very easy to maintain.

Cool for the summer, warm for the winter. Superbly subtle, flawless drapes.       

Key Features:

  • Block sunlight and UV rays
  • 60% Shading effect
  • Three hanging styles
  • Beautiful sheen
  • Flawless drape
  • Premium quality
  • Noise reduction
  • Thermal insulation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Machine washable

Material: Polyester

Dimension (W x H):

140cm x 230cm

Colour: Grey

  • 2x Room Darkening Curtain
  • 12x Plastic Hook