White Lush Lavender Field Vertical Garden / Green Wall UV Resistant 90cm x 90cm

$631.99 Prezzo standard $789.99
SKU: V77-1095250


Have your very own lush Lush White Lavender retreat at home with our custom made Lavender Fields Green Wall. Each panel has been designed to provide a wide range of botanically correct plants, with 11 kinds of foliage elegantly blended together to create a stunning evergreen setting that will liven any setting with vibrancy and color.

A sensation hand-made green wall creation, that will make people wonder how you did it!


Superior engineered & designed commercial-grade system
Highest quality artificial plants available (UV Certified)
UV treated and Fire Tested in Australia
Solid metal backing used (easily cut or shaped)
Hand-assembled, and designed based on real plants
Built to look like it’s an actual living wall without the maintenance
Fire tested according to Australian Standards AS/NZS 1530.3:1999
Superior Fire Performance, spread of Flame Index of 0

Package Content:

1 x White Lush Lavender Field Vertical Garden / Green Wall