UV Resistant Cypress Pine Tree 2.1m

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This artificial cypress pine tree measures 2.1m, and is made up of a two-tone green leaves, and has over 3100 leaves. The fake tree comes in a 12 inch pot and can be easily placed within another more decorative pot if required. Why go any further than a stunning cypress pine that brings the feel of the forests into your home?
This stunning artificial cypress pine tree is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a stunning long-lasting artificial tree that looks great throughout the year. Made with high-quality foliage and an exceptionally realistic design you’ll be sure to love this fake potted cypress.

Natural Cypress Appearance
UV Resistant Artificial Cypress Leaves
Extra Dense Tree
Cypress pines will ship in standard black plastic pot, and exact shape may vary

Package Content:

1 x UV Resistant Cypress Pine Tree 2.1m