Toilet Brush With Holder Soft Bristle Bathroom Cleaning Tool Home/Office Set

$31.81 Prezzo standard $43.63
SKU: HO0465
  • Quality material for long-lasting durability , Handle is Made from Strong and Durable Plastic and the head with Silicone Material for the superior Bristles.
  • Soft bristles with strong cleaning power and protects the surface of the toilet including Sanaplus and Sanagloss finish. Good for RV's Plastic or Fiberglass Toilets!
  • Pull out tweezers help out to clean the hairs.
  • With new hook design to remove the stains in the slots and under the rim, no dead angles!
  • With a stylish brush holder, allows the brush to dry fast, sanitary and odor free. No more dirty puddles in the storage caddy! Easy to clean base.
  • No more plain look, this gloss white elegant brush is for any bathrooms and also is an Excellent Addition!
  • You can combine with any toilet cleaner of your choice for better results!
    • Package Size: 14*14*16cm
    • Package Weight: 0.35kg
    • 1x Toilet Brush Holder Set