Spin Rotating Mop and Bucket Set with Wheels and 4 Microfibre Mop Heads

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Clean your home more efficiently than ever before with this rotating spin mop and bucket by Randy & Travis Machinery. With four microfibre mop heads, you can change heads for different jobs, saving time for more exciting pursuits. You'll never need to carry heavy buckets from room to room again. With its wheeled base, simply roll it wherever you need to go. Its swivel head allows you to get into tight spaces, reaching underneath furniture and into all those corners where dust accumulates. The microfibre mop head attracts dust, dirt, and even pet hair like a magnet.

For wet jobs, the microfibre wrings out easily, thanks to the built-in wringer. Even better, they're machine washable, so you can keep them perfectly clean for the next job. Drain out the water from the hole near the bottom of the bucket and avoid messy spills. Its extendable handle accommodates people of varied heights – so you can even get the kids involved. Don't struggle any more wrestling buckets and old-fashioned mops. Make your life easier – order your spin mop today!


Material: Stainless steel, plastic, and microfibre mop heads
Colour: Black and red
Dimensions (bucket): 46 x 27cm (H x D)
Dimensions (handle): 95-125 cm x 23 mm (L x D)
Capacity: 7L
Swivel angle: 360°
Accessories: Handle extension and 4 mop heads
Electrostatic mop heads attract dust like a magnet
Durable and easy to care for
Extendable handle
Rolling wheels and drain hole for ease of use

Package Content:

1x Spin Rotating Mop and Bucket Set with Wheels and 4 Microfibre Mop Heads