INNOSCREEN Antigen Rapid Test Kit Total 20 Test per Kit for Self Test Use (Available in Australia only)

$234.99 Prezzo standard $319.99

The most  convenient and efficient way to identify the symptoms of COVID 19. The Innoscreen Rapid Antigen Test kit is approved by TGA Australia to use in Home and Office only. 


Key Features

  • Most convenient and easy to use
  • 8 Steps only to identify the symptoms.
  • Soft Swab for less irritations using in Nose and mouth
  • Easy to carry within office and home

What's in ONE Box*

  • 20 Swabs
  • 20 Tube with Medicated Liquid Formula
  • 20 Taste Panel
  • 1 Swab Stand Tray
  • 1 User Manual

Strongly recommended for use in Home and Office use only. Any further symptoms persists, please contact your local health authorities. Please seek your doctor before using this kit.

Key Government Reference website Links  


  1. How many test comes in a box?
  2. Total 20 test comes in box.
  3. What it means of Self Test use?
  4. Customers buying the test kits can able to do the test by them selves with strict instruction manuals provided by manufacturers. 
  5. Do I have to wear PPE before using Kit?
  6. PPE is not required but recommended. However you must use medical approved hand gloves and PPE Cover while testing in larger groups.
  7. What if the test comes Positive to COVID 19?
  8. Any Positive test, person should seek emergency medical help from the government and do the self-isolation. Follow your local and/or federal rules from government.
  9. Does this test replaces the actual COVID test procedures?
  10. We are not authorised to comment on any medical procedures. We strongly recommend to consult your GP or health authorities before using this Kit.
  11. How to dispose the Test kit after use?
  12. Please dispose the kit to medical hazardous waste box only. DO NOT DISPOSE IN NORMAL COUNCIL BINS.
  13. Can I use the test kit to children aged between 12 to 17?
  14. As per government rules kits can only be used for Adults. Please see doctor's or your local GP permission and recommendation before using the kits to children aged 12 and above.
  15. Do I have to keep the medical tubes in certain cold temperatures?
  16. As per TGA recommendation, there is no requirements to keep the medicated tube in cold temperature or refrigeration. However it strongly recommended to store the tubes in room temperatures below 20C.
  17. What is your refund policy?
  18. Refunds are only allowed, if the order is cancelled before shipping. Once it is shipped and parcel accepted by the customer then we are not responsible for the refund due to the hygiene purpose of these particular products.

Disclaimer: Deals499 or it's parent company Tanishq Consulting Pty Ltd shall take no responsibility or liability and not liable for on any loss or damages that may happen by using this kit on whatsoever way. We are distributing the product on good business practices. For any concerns, please contact manufactures.