DreamZ 9KG Weighted Blanket Promote Deep Sleep Anti Anxiety Double Dark Grey

$140.90 Prezzo standard $191.81

Our Weighted Blankets are designed to provide deep touch pressure. Simulates the feeling of being held. Helping you feel grounded, relaxed and secure - the same way a baby benefits from being swaddled.
Make yourself comfortable and relaxed with our Weighted Blanket!


Key Features:

  • 5-layer design
  • Bio magnets and glass bead filling
  • Suitable for any elders or adults
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Moisture-wicking
  • 100% Bamboo cover
  • Powerful insulation
  • Quality stitching
  • Removable zipped cover
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable material

Brand: Dreamz

Double: 9kg

Cover material: 100% Bamboo

Filling material: Bio magnets, glass bead and polyester

Dimension (L x W):

Double: 202cm x 151cm

Colour: Dark grey

  • 1x Weighted Blanket
  • 1x Weighted Blanket Cover