Deepcool M-DESK F3 Smart Monitor Stand With USB 3.0 Hub

$114.99 Prezzo standard $135.99

Provides better viewing position and additional storage space. Power button migration function that allows users to switch on/off the PC from the stand. USB and audio ports HUB function to save you from wire mess. Genuine USB 3.0 speed of data transmission and charging. Illuminant power button, USB and Audio ports. Sturdy top metal panel and metal frame legs that support up to 25KG. Technical Spec Product Dimension: 584×250×95 mm Net Weight: 1941 g Load Bearing Capacity: 25 kg Height Adjustment: 95mm Adapter Input: 5 VDC Rated Voltage: 5 VDC Extension Port: Power Button/Audio Output/Mic Input/USB-A3.0 ×4 Connection Cable: Power/Audio/Mic/USB-A3.0 ×1500 mm EAN: 6933412775829 P/N: DP-MS-MDF3-BKD3 Special notes; ***Hard wiring is required for the monitor stand to power up the PCs. See Image 3 on this page.*** Instructions from Deepcool: One needs to pull out the power cable of the case from the pins of power on the motherboard, then plug the power cable(NO.1) onto the pins of power on the motherboard. Then, plug the power cable of the case onto No.2, so you can start the computer by the power button on the case or by the button on the monitor stand.