Corsair MM500 EXTENDED 3XL Anti-Fray and Comfort Gaming, 1220mm x 610mm x 3mm GAMING MOUSE MAT

$114.99 Prezzo standard $135.99

The CORSAIR MM500 Premium Anti-Fray Cloth Extended 3XL Gaming Mouse Pad’s massive 1220mm x 610mm size and plush rubber construction offer a comfortable surface that covers your entire gaming setup. Finished with precision stitched anti-fray edges and a glide-enhanced woven textile surface, the MM500 gives you excellent control and durability through years of intense gaming. • Cover your whole gaming area with a massive 1220mm x 610mm (48' x 24') surface, allowing abundant room for your mouse, keyboard, monitor, and more. • Game longer in plush comfort with 3mm-thick rubber construction that helps smooth out uneven desktop surfaces. • Precision stitched anti-fray edges offer lasting durability through rigorous daily use. • Make game-winning plays with superior control thanks to a glide-enhanced woven textile surface optimized for high-performance gaming mice, with low-friction tracking for pinpoint targeting. • Play without distractions on the MM500’s solid black surface. • Anti-skid textured rubber base keeps the mouse pad securely in place, even during the most intense gaming sessions.