Cefito Non Electric Bidet Toilet Seat Cover Bathroom Spray Water Wash D Shape

$126.99 Prezzo standard $149.99

Just as you need water to wash our face, hair, hands, feet and body to keep them clean and healthy, it is also true for our personal areas. And if cleanliness and hygiene are important to you, then you will find the Cefito Non-electric Bidet an integral part in ensuring a refreshing lifestyle. Non-electric Bidet is a convenient solution to address your needs.

With the option of a D-shape design, the Bidet easily matches up with any Australian size standard toilet seat. Simply remove and replace. Connect to the water cistern supply with the supplied fittings and you’re good to go. No plumber needed.

So begin a fresh approach to personal hygiene with the exceptionally safe and reliable Cefito Non-electric Bidet. Get yours today.

Toilet suite is for demostration purpose only

Noted: the water inlet is on the right when you sit on the bidet.

Australian standard size toilet seat
One-key rotate control
Dual nozzle for buttock and bidet washing
Bubbly water washing
Adjustable flush volume
Retractable nozzle
Feminine wash function included
Non-electric bidet toilet seat
Hygienic and anti-bacterial seats
Soft close toilet seat cover
Mounted lock for toilet seat
Suitable for all users
Easy installation and disassemble

Overall Size: 50cm x 36cm x 11cm
Material: PP5 Plastic
Colour: White

Package Content
Non-electric bidet x 1
Water inlet tube (length: 70cm) x 1
Accessories x 1
Assembly manual x 1

This product comes with 1 year warranty