Artificial Potted Ficus Tree 160cm

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SKU: V77-1020539


The elegant fake ficus tree is a superb choice for any home interior or to be placed into a decorative planter. Made with a replica trunk and stunning silk leaves you won’t be short of places to place this ficus. 

An elegant fake ficus tree that is made with life-like foliage that replicates the natural ficus tree. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a modern, and high-impact artificial tree that compliments any home interior. The slender trunk and multi-tone foliage makes the fake plant a top choice for any space and looks amazing when potted into a decorative planter.


Weight: 5-7kg approximately

Pot Size: 14cm across, 12cm high (approx)

Foliage: Multi-tone foliage

Usage: Indoor usage recommended

Width: 70cm approximately

Package Content:

1 x Artificial Potted Ficus Tree 160cm